Remedy Self Storage – The Big Race

May 14th, 2014

Last weekend the Giro d’Italia cycle race passed by our road in East Wall. It was a huge event – it’s not just any day that that a world sporting event happens in your area. This year’s race was made up of 200 of the world’s top riders and was beamed to 165 countries.

The Giro d’Italia, literally ‘The Tour of Italy’ along with the Tour de France and the Vuelta d’Espana make up the elite 3 week long international stage races on the world pro tour race calendar. This year Ireland was chosen with stages in Northern Ireland and the Republic. The 4th stage took in Dundalk, Drogheda, Malahide and Dublin. The Dublin section took in Baldoyle, Clontarf, Alfie Byrne Road and East Wall Road, around by the 02 arena down the quays across the Liffey at Talbot Memorial Bridge and the stage finished in Merrion Square.

History of the Race
The first Giro d’Italia was held in 1909 and at that time it was open to only Italian riders. The first time stages of the race were held outside of the Italian borders was in 1965 when it took in Monaco. Apart from the occasional foreign section in certain years the Italian route remains the same every year and includes at least two time trials and a passage through the Alps including the punishing Dolomites range. At the end of each stage the riders have their time recorded and their time is added to their previous times and the one with the lowest aggregate time is the leader at that stage and is given the race leader’s pink jersey. Apart from the GC (general classification) there are other contests within these big races. These include points classifications for the sprinters and the mountain climbs and of course the team classification.

The great Belgian rider Eddie Mercx holds the record for the most consecutive wins in the Giro. In addition to his wins in 1968 and 1970 he won three in a row from 1972 –1974. Ireland has had a winner, Stephen Roche who won the race in 1987, the same year he won the Tour de France.

Why Pink?
The race leader in the Giro wears the pink jersey. Why pink? The race was initially sponsored by the Italian newspaper La Gazetta dello Sport which was printed on pink paper, hence the leaders jersey at the behest of the sponsor was pink. Incidentally the reason the leader in the Tour de France wears yellow is the same – the sponsoring paper there was printed on yellow paper!

It was interesting to have such an event in our area and to see it featured on television. It generated great interest and excitement in the area and although the actual event for the spectators is quite a blur with the cyclists flashing past in a few minutes at 30kmh it was marvellous to see it.

We have a bicycle shop owner among our many and varied customers. Whatever your need for self storage contact the Remedy team today.

Remedy Self Storage – Location, Location, Location

April 28th, 2014

When you need to store stuff location is key. If you are a business it’s obvious – you need a place convenient to your customers and market. This reduces time spent travelling and maximises the time you spend on the job and dealing with customers and potential customers. Time is money and travel is money so you need to economise on both. If you are storing household goods location is equally vital – you may be moving, renovating, adjusting etc and the last thing you need on top of everything else is to be making long treks every time you need to access your storage unit.

Ideal Location
Remedy Self storage has the ideal location. It’s not just us who are saying it – check the map, and our customers constantly comment on how convenient our location is. Also, if you do a search with the criteria ‘Self Storage Dublin City Centre’ you will have a choice of Sandyford, Santry, The Red Cow and the M50 rim!! Except for Remedy Self Storage which is the only genuinely centrally located Self Storage company in the city.

We are 600m from the IFSC quarter, just off the East Wall Road. We are 5 minutes from The 02 arena (‘The Point Depot’). The Port Tunnel is less than 5 minutes away, the M50 is 15mins approximately. Our site is very accessible for people coming from either North or South with the Malahide Road, Clontarf Road, Swords Road and North Circular Road all feeding into the area. The East Link Bridge which is an artery to any location on the southside is less than 5 minutes away.

East Road where we are located is a link road used by many from Howth and Clontarf etc for work and accessing the city generally. Many of our customers’ first learned of our service by seeing our signs and site as they passed by.

So for location your only choice is Remedy Self Storage.

But of course in addition to location you get Dublin’s only drive-in Self Storage Centre, Excellent Rates, 24hr Access, 24hr Monitored Security, No paying for unused time, No Leaving Notice etc, etc.

Contact the team today.

Self Storage – Dublin Springtime Activity

April 15th, 2014

Remedy Self Storage is the only self storage facility in the heart of the city, so we proclaim ourselves true and proud Dubs, the greatest place in the world – save the beautiful county of Wicklow, the garden of Ireland and the birthplace of such great figures as, eh well, Me!

We delight to be located in the city centre and it’s nice to be part of such a lively and exciting place. There’s so much going on in Dublin at any given time but especially from now on as the tourist season kicks in and many annual events are scheduled. But of course you don’t have to be a tourist to enjoy the fare, in fact living in the city it’s easy to get caught up in day to day matters and not realise the many fun and fulfilling events that are going on all around you – and most of them are free!

Here’s a sample

April 1-30 Dublin One City One Book
This years book is ‘If Ever You Go to Dublin’, a collection of poems and songs by literary luminaries with connections to Dublin. The title is taken from the poem by Patrick Kavanagh that great Dubliner from Monaghan!

April 6 Great Ireland Run
The only race in Ireland recognised by the International Associations of Athletics Federations (IAAF), in one of the largest city parks in the world. Elite athletes participate with thousands of amateur runners. There are many fun and family events on the day.

May 11 Giro D’Italia Big Start
Elite professional cycling event stops off in Dublin.

May 11-13 Street Performance World Championships
Hold onto your socks and get ready for an action packed free festival.

May 17-18 Docklands Festival
This is right down our part of the city. The purpose of the festival is ‘to provide the public an opportunity to enjoy an exciting world class urban recreational environment.’ You can enjoy the many cafes, bars and restaurants which open onto the water and the many events at the Grand Canal Plaza focal point.

May 17-25 Dublin Writers Week
The country’s most successful and best annual literary event. See the program for the many readings, debates, discussions, workshops, performances and screenings.

May 20-31 Dublin Dance Festival
10th Festival, this is leading dance date on Ireland’s cultural calendar and it brings together dancers and choreographers from around the world in a wide variety of events. If you feel dance is a bit obscure you should check out the program and you will see how interesting and accessible the events are. Some are street performance, mime, juggling, film based, family fun, etc.

May 24-25 Dublin City Soul Festival
‘Celebrate peace, unity and love at Ireland’s feel good festival’.

May 25-27 Dublin Bay Prawn Festival
The tastiest seafood feted in the loveliest coastal harbour, Howth. Whatever way you like your prawns you will enjoy the bite sized servings at the many talks, demonstrations and tastings held in the award winning restaurants on Howth pier.

More in a future blog.

Don’t forget the biggest attraction in Dublin for anyone interested in Quality Self Storage is Remedy Self Storage, East Road, East Wall. Contact the team today.

Dublin City Centre Self Storage – A Bit of Advice

April 10th, 2014

Have you ever been driving at a nice pace along a nice straight stretch of road and been suddenly shocked into realising you are well over the speed limit. It has never happened to me but you may know how this feels!! Ok, yes we all have. The strange way the local authority has of designating speed limits to particular roads is hard to understand. On the outskirts of the city some narrow ‘country’ type roads have a limit of 80 km/h while some very new roads in uninhabited areas are 50 km/h. It’s hard to fathom. But of course ‘ours is not to wonder why …’ and ultimately we have personal responsibility to know the limits and abide by them.

The default speed limit throughout the Dublin city limits is 50 km/h. There are some exceptions where the limit is 30 km/h, 60 km/h and 80 km/h. For example the limit in the inner city area is 30 k/m h. ‘The inner city’ is a section that stretches from Tara St/Merrion Square/Stephen’s Green/Patrick Street/Civic offices on the south side and from Gardiner St/Dorset St/Bolton St/Church St. on the northside. There isn’t a list of the roads that have other variants to the 50 km/h norm, but where the speed limit changes there are prominent signs alerting you to the fact – so keep your eyes open!

It is good to be aware of this because as stated at the outset you could be mislead by the type and standard of road. For example the main artery road to the East Wall area is the East Wall road which, from the Alfie Byrne Road junction to the Port, is a nice long straight stretch on which you could easily drift past the 50 km/h limit. I use this road and notice many cars flash past doing well beyond the limit, probably unaware of it due to the nature of the road.

Good for all of us to keep an eye on the limits and drive safely and arrive safely – especially to Remedy Self Storage on East Road, East Wall, the location of choice for all your self storage needs.

Contact the team today.

Self Storage for Tradesmen – The Advantages

April 4th, 2014

Recently a friend of mine who is a plumber had his tools stolen from his van. He discussed it with the Gardai and he was told it was one of a spate of such robberies and that it is done in a very sophisticated manner involving gangs and the trading of such goods abroad. I decided to do some research on the subject and wondered where I would get information on it, I needn’t have worried, it is a huge problem and there is a lot of information and statistics on the subject.

One insurer in the UK states that the cost to tradesmen there is £75m and the average cost of individual incidents is £1900. They acknowledge that these statistics are likely the mere tip of the iceberg. Information from UK police forces gave a breakdown of the hotspots for this crime and the areas where it is on the increase, and the increases are shockingly high, averaging out at over 40%. The suffering and loss of course goes much further that the statistics, in many cases the livelihood of the tradesmen is jeopardised and small enterprises go out of businesses

An Irish website which deals with general matters of interest to tradesmen and women posted an acknowledgement of a report they got from a tradesman in Cork whose tools were stolen. This lead to many others contacting the website and relating their stories of theft and loss. Tradesmen are easily targeted in a neighbourhood as their vans and signage identifies them and thieves zone in on them very effectively. It is really a very big problem and one which has more painful and far reaching consequences for the victims than many crimes.

Without in any way being insensitive, it is certainly worth mentioning that if one considers the risk and the potential loss and weighs up the cost of storage it is considerate to highlight that it should be seen as an option. Many tradesmen and builders large and small avail of the security and convenience of self storage as a practical, economical way to keep their tools and materials safe and secure. It also frees up space at home and in the van etc and enables the tradesman work and organise themselves better.

There are many other advantages to using self storage which have been dealt with in earlier blogs, but here I am highlighting specifically how self storage is a very effective way to avoid loss through theft in the case of tradesmen and others who have costly equipment which is difficult to store otherwise.

Whatever the cause of your need for self storage Contact the Remedy team today.

The Benefits of Using Self-Storage – Part 2

March 26th, 2014

In my previous blog I discussed how choosing a self storage unit has the benefits of minimising clutter and freeing up space in the house and also you gain the added security of knowing your goods are safe and fully insured.

This week I am highlighting the following benefits of using self storage:

When it comes to working out how to solve your storage needs you may be able to avail of space from a friend or family member. They may have a spare room or some garage space or they may have self storage of their own or a lock-up you can share. When making your choice a key consideration is convenience. You need to be able to access your stuff when you need to get things and in a way that suits your own needs. You need to make sure your coming and going will be facilitated by whoever is providing your storage. Renting a Self Storage unit means you can come and go as often as you like at your own convenience. Most Self Storage companies have 24hr accessibility at a nominal charge, so you can visit in the evenings or when you are free at the weekend and spend as long as you need to. The inconvenience of not having your goods at your home or premises is offset by knowing your goods are safe and accessible whenever you need them.

With many companies now offering Self Storage the rates are very competitive. Yes, renting a unit is more expensive than getting space for free in your mates garage etc. which is fine in some cases. But if you are looking for something that is a lot more convenient and accommodating it is very worthwhile to consider the benefits of renting your own unit. You will have at your disposal a high quality space – dry, secure, accessible, convenient and insured. You won’t have to ask anyone else for access or have your stuff mixed in with someone else’s with the potential for soiling, damage, loss etc. At the time of writing storage units are available for the following monthly rates: 160sq ft unit for €239, 80sq ft for €179, 40sq ft for €119 including VAT. When you consider the cost of the alternatives in terms of time and trouble it is no wonder many are choosing the Self Storage option for short-term and long-term household and business storage needs.

Self Storage is secure, alleviates space issues in the home or business, it is a convenient and it is a cost effective way for businesses and households to solve their storage needs.

All of these benefits and more are enjoyed by those who choose Remedy Self Storage. Contact the team today.

The Benefits of Using Self-Storage

March 18th, 2014

Here are some of the reasons people opt to use self storage.

Minimise Clutter
Having a self storage unit can be a satisfying and economical way to manage your household space. For many reasons we may live in a house that is too small for comfort and the most practical way to adapt to the circumstances is to make it bigger by renting self storage space. For a very affordable cost we can ease the pressure on ourselves and live in and enjoy the space in our home rather than squeeze our way around it. Of course the best thing to do with a lot of stuff we store at home is to dispose of it, but some things just can’t be thrown out, we need them and want them and we have to find somewhere for them. Self storage allows us to keep our possessions in a secure, tidy unit and access them when necessary.

Added Security
Most self storage units provide more security than many houses. The security you have in these facilities goes way beyond what you would have at home. For example, virtually all premises have 24 hr CCTV security surveilance, multi-level security checks for visitors, securely locked units and of course staff on the premises during opening hours. And of course your goods are insured while on the premises which gives added peace of mind.

Future Blogs will highlight many other advantages of self storage.

Remedy Self Storage facilitates all the benefits mentioned above and we have all the security features mentioned and more.

For centrally located self storage with 24hr access and unique drive-in convenience, fully secure and insured contact the Remedy team today.

Spring Clean & Self Storage

March 6th, 2014

O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind? ~Percy Bysshe Shelley

Nowadays we can’t be so sure about the seasons, but Spring when it comes is a time of renewal and activity after the long Winter months. Especially in our part of the world the Winters are long and cold with the resultant lull in activities of all sorts which means that Spring is the opportunity to start doing things again. It is the time of year we get more active in a lot of areas whether it be work, home or recreational activities.

So, is it here? That is a good question. There are many different calculations for the beginning of Spring. Some measure it’s arrival by means of biological factors such as the blossoming of certain plants, the activities of animals or the smell of the soil indicating it has reached the temperature necessary for growth. Calendar dates are used by many to establish the duration of the seasons. In the United States 2nd February, Candelmas, is the traditional start of Spring. Of course in the United States they also have the famous ‘Groundhog Day’ on 2nd February when the groundhog’s actions is said to determine whether the Winter weather will continue for another six weeks or not. In Ireland, it starts on 1st February, St. Brigid’s day. Although, not surprisingly in Ireland we have the lovely paradox that meteorologists include the whole month of February as part of Winter.

Either way, the earth’s axis moves our hemisphere closer to the sun resulting in warmer weather. Thus, snow melts, rivers surge, frosts lessen, plants grow and bloom and animals are more active. And of course humans are not immune to the great change all around them, we stir from the winter lull and get more active. A popular tradition at this time of the year is the notion of a ‘Spring Clean’. By this we resolve to tidy, clean and clear out our homes, garages and workplaces and get things better organised. It is an idea that is translated into action far more than the other seasonal resolve, the ‘New Year’s Resolution’ – anyone remember this years? In response to the ‘Spring Clean’ call, many people actually do get busy cleaning, building , decorating, changing furniture, de-cluttering rooms and sheds, cutting grass, trees and shrubs and digging the garden etc.

You would think Self Storage would suffer in this atmosphere as people are ridding themselves of stuff rather than storing it. However, the increased activity means more business for builders and tradesmen, two groups who use self storage a lot. Also, as people change things around they often temporarily need space to store stuff until the work is complete and if they come across a not-to-be-repeated bargain for furniture or carpet etc they may well calculate that the saving of getting it at the reduced price is well worth it even while adding the additional cost of putting it in storage for a few weeks.

Storing with Remedy Self Storage is an attractive proposition all year round.

For centrally located self storage with 24hr access and unique drive-in convenience, fully secure and insured contact the Remedy team today.

Are You Up For Conversion?

February 26th, 2014

Self Storage Conversion
In Ireland the official standard for weights and measures is Metric but as we are a conservative race, in practice we still use the old Imperial scale. Thus when you are contemplating your Self Storage purchase you likely consider the size you require and the size of unit you are offered in terms of square feet rather than square meters. However, many do think in terms of the metric measurements especially the many people among us from the European mainland and many other parts of the world.

So considering 1 meter is equal to 3ft 3 3/8 inches, you can work it out from there. There are of course websites where you can key in your figure and it will convert it for you.

Remedy Self Storage, the choice for those looking for convenient, accessible, drive-in, centrally located storage provision have 3 different unit sizes to choose from:

20ft x 8ft = 160 square feet or 15 square meters
10ft x 8ft = 80 square feet or 7.5 square meters 5ft x 8ft = 40 square feet or 3.5 square meters

The square meter calculations are rounded up or down to make it a round figure – as you can see conversion is never easy whether it’s spiritual or mathematical!

For centrally located self storage with 24hr access and unique drive-in convenience, fully secure and insured contact the Remedy team today.

Remedy Self Storage – Our Neighbourhood

February 19th, 2014

Remedy Self Storage is located in East Wall, a well known part of Dublin city. The area is very clearly defined geographically as it is bounded on the north by East Wall road as it runs parallel to the Tolka river. It is bounded on the East by the East wall road as it turns towards the river Liffey which, along with the North Wall Quay, forms the southern boundary of the area. The Royal Canal and the Summerhill Road form it’s western limits. These very distinct features of nature and infrastructure serve to mark it out as a distinct and separate area of the city.

East Wall is a predominantly residential area, with a maze of small roads criss-crossing one another to the dismay of visitors and newly recruited postmen. As a distinct area it dates back to the 18th century when the North Wall was constructed as part of the port development of that time. The Royal Canal was constructed in the 19th century and subsequently the rest of the port infrastructure followed and defined the area geographically and socially. The area was traditionally a working class area with many finding work on the docks and in related businesses.

Currently the East Wall area is thriving, changing and developing. In recent decades the area has seen the development of major national projects such as the Irish Financial Services Centre (IFSC), the Port Tunnel, East Point Business Park, the National Conference Centre, the O2 Arena, and The Point Village. These and many other large businesses have located in the area with the consequent development of other businesses to service them such as hotels, apartment blocks and retail outlets. The local site which will eventually house the Central Bank is currently under construction and will be completed in the next two years or so, bringing many more people to the area and further raising it’s profile.

The area has also changed much as respects it’s population. The older houses in the small streets now share the area with a lot of modern apartments which have sprung up on the perimeter of the main housing area, especially along East Road and East Wall Road. The area has a population of 3,500 residents. As usual the services are slow to follow the people but gradually needed businesses and services are being established.

Remedy Self Storage is now an established part of the East Wall landscape. Our distinctive premises on East Road are very familiar to local people many of whom are our customers. Locals use our service either for their business needs or household storage. We are happy to be part of a lively, progressive neighbourhood with an appealing mix of old and new, business and residential, recreation and industry. We look forward to being part of what should be an exciting future in the area.