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Business Storage

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Self Storage sites are being used more and more each day by businesses large and small. The simple fact is that it makes sense for many businesses to locate themselves in areas where there is a lot of footfall – city centres and main roads. This usually means that rent is extremely high and it proves very costly to keep a store room on site.

The solution – self storage. Business owners need to ask themselves two main questions 1) how easy is it to access my unit – time is money and most businesses cannot afford to spend all day going up and down in a lift at their storage facility. Ask specifically for a ground floor unit and refuse to pay a premium for this. There are plenty of self storage facilities that will give you a ground floor unit so you should not settle for less. 2) how expensive is the unit – obviously it needs to be significantly cheaper than the office or warehouse space that you are clearing. Shop around as there are some great deals out there.

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Affordable Storage

Monday, June 21st, 2010

So, you’ve decided to use a storage facility. Now the hard part – which one to use. There are many offerings out there from the state of the art warehouses to the small family run storage business with a few storage units on a spare piece of land. While they all describe themselves as “self storage facilities” the facilities can be as different as chalk and cheese. Which one to use really depends on the customer and what they require to get from their storage.

There are a few things which all storage facilities will claim – security, ease of access, easy to fill out forms etc. There are however a few things whose importance will vary customer to customer – how important the location of the facility? Does it have to be a mile down the road? How affordable is the rate? How accessible is the unit – if you need to access the unit to put things into and take things out of storage often then this could prove very important.

My advise would be to ring at least three storage facilities and ask them a couple of questions about the services they offer:
Insurance – ask the facility if insurance is included in the rate. If your items are insured while in storage it gives peace of mind that the facility is safe. If it wasn’t they wouldn’t be able to get insurance.

Access – Can the facility offer you a ground floor unit? If you need to access the unit often this will prove invaluable. Is this site 24 hr? Do you need it to be?

Notice – Do you need to give notice before you leave? Many storage facilities use this as a means of getting that last couple of quid out of you. This should never be accepted.
Security – Does the facility have a security system?

Price – In the end of the day this is where the biggest differences between storage facilities can be found – make sure you shop around to different types of storage companies, if you just get quotes from the warehouses beside the motorways you can’t expect to get that big of a price difference.

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