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Selling your home?

Tuesday, July 6th, 2010

One of the primary users of self storage space is the home owner who has sold his house and awaits the deal for his next house to complete. Self Storage companies classify this customer the “residential customer”. The residential customer typically moves in one big rush – usually a chaotic day for the customer – stays 3 months and leaves in just as big a rush.

There are a number of tips that can be offered to the residential customer to ease this process –

1) Declutter the house you are selling – Houses that are clutter free sell faster and can usually get a better price. Before using any storage company make sure you can take more storage space when you fully move out and are not penalised for this. Ask the storage companies for two free weeks at the start of your move to enable this decluttering. A small spend at this stage will produce massive returns.

2) Check accessibility in the storage facility. Moving day is difficult enough – you don’t need the hastle of waiting for lifts every time you want to put anything into your storage unit. This is relevant even if you are using a removal company. You don’t want to be paying for two guys to be looking at lift doors!

3) Insure you are Insured – Make sure that your storage facility offers insurance on your goods while they are in storage.

By all means visit our website on to see if we can be of any assistance.

Small business and web sites

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Speaking from experience I can say that the world of websites – their hosting and the services that are on offer – can be a confusing place. For Remedy Self Storages website I had a stroke of good fortune.

When trawling through the many companies that offer web services I stumbled upon and because their prices were keen I decided to ask them to create the domain name and host our new website. All were done with ease and the utmost professionalism on their part. Not so from my part as, to be honest, I didn’t know what I was doing. The crew at couldn’t have been more helpful.

As time progressed I realised that there are many other features I could be offering on my website – this blog for one. Attempting something like this doesn’t hold any fear for me, as it would previously. I know that my queries are always answered and advise can be sought from the lads at

For anyone who is considering setting up a website for the first time I would whole heartedly recommend