Retail opportunities

Many high street retailers are looking to self storage as a means of expanding their businesses. Most high street vendors are paying high rent for, typically, a small unit which they fit out the front for the custoomers area and the back as there storage area. It is not unusual for the storage areas to be 3 or 4 times the size of the area used to sell.

Many retailers are now looking to turn that on it’s head. Excess stock is being keep at a remote location – a self storage facility – and more of the high street area is being fitted out to do what is most important, to sell to the customer. The high street retailer is therefore looking for a self storage facility that is close by and offers sufficient access to ensure he never runs out of stock. A weekly check on stock levels in the shop and then a visit to the storage unit ensures that he always has enough in the shop to sell to his customers.

An added advantage is when the storage facility is prepared to take deliveries for their customers. This means that a shop owner can stay in his shop selling while deliveries are made on his behalf to his storage unit.

Try this system today at any of our storage sites Storage in Dublin, Kildare or Offaly and see how it works for you.

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