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We are Increasingly Nomadic

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

For most of our human history people have lived in the same place from birth to death. Indeed, people didn’t move far from that place throughout the course of their lives, in many cases rarely venturing beyond the local area. However in the modern world that has all changed.

It is estimated that 14% of the entire population of United States move each year which amounts to 40 million people. In the UK figures for moving surprised people when they were released. They showed one in eight people moved per year or 6.3m people. In Ireland we can expect a similar trend.

With moving home constantly referred to as being one of the top three most stressful things you can do in your life, behind all this moving is a lot of stress and worry. How can you reduce the stress of moving? How can you plan your move? How can you budget and reduce cost?

Future instalments will cover these issues.

Meanwhile for cost effective, hassle free self storage solutions contact

Christmas Self Storage

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

“Christmas doesn’t come from a store”, so said Dr. Seuss but a small store could be just what some people need at Christmas. Why?

Christmas constitutes a staggering proportion of trade especially when we consider it is only one day in the depths of winter, at year end. It is calculated that a quarter of all personal spending is done at Christmas time. Sales can increase 50% in December over November alone and in one recent year total Christmas spending in Ireland amounted to €16 billion. Many sectors generate up to half their annual turnover in the Christmas period, others businesses such as those specialising in gift items, cards, hampers etc depend on the season almost totally for their existence.

What helps to explain all of this is the length of the Christmas “Season”. It has become far more than just a one-day holiday at the end of the year. On the radio this morning an economist was talking about the importance of it here in Ireland and how it is coming earlier each year. He said this is reflection of “consumer sentiment”, so it’s our fault! In some places the “Christmas Season” starts in October, in others Christmas advertising starts before the Halloween holiday. In the UK the season tends to start after Remembrance Day on the 11th November. Traditionally in Ireland the Christmas season and the Christmas shopping season in particular officially starts on 8th December. As this day is a Church holiday it historically provided people with a work-free day well in advance of the holiday on which they could travel to the large towns and cities to do the big Christmas shop. It has become the day when country people invade Dublin and the native Dubliner’s run for cover and the cash registers ring up the sales.

To prove that economists are dry spoil-sports they even pour cold water on the economic benefit of the Christmas season by their ‘Dead Weight’ analysis of Christmas giving. This theory means that the benefit to the economy of purchasing many gifts is counter balanced by the loss to the economy of people buying the same things for themselves. So now you have the perfect excuse when it comes to those tricky gift-not-given situations – you are just doing your bit for the economy! Do they really think people would buy those pullovers, ties, tins of butterscotch and bottles of sherry if left to their own devices?

In addition to the spend of course there is also the spending time together, hence ‘Christmas Travel’ is a big issue. By some estimates over a thousand people a week have left Ireland in recent years and the Irish Diaspora is estimated to be as many as €80m people world-wide. As family togetherness and reunion is part of the Christmas tradition this means that Ireland more than most countries has a huge influx of people from abroad at this time of the year. The figures for Dublin airport alone are in excess of 750,000 during the holiday, not including the large numbers who come through the ferry ports and from Northern Ireland. The total trips to Ireland from abroad is 6.5m per year and a large proportion of them is at Christmas time. There will be a significant increase in visitors this year as it is the year of ‘The Gathering’, which has already meant a 6.5% increase in visitors to the country in first 8 months of the year.

So What has all this to do with Self Storage?
Self Storage provides the solutions to many of the big Christmas dilemmas:
Where is all the extra goods going to be stored by traders and buyers?
Where are all the guests going to stay?
Instead of getting a bigger house or warehouse for a month is there a convenient alternative?

At Remedy Self Storage we have the ideal “Remedy” to these problems.
Secure, self-contained units with 24 hr access varying in size from 40ft sq, 80ft sq and 160ft sq and in price from €95, €145, €195. You can rent for whatever length of time you need and you only pay for that period, with no notice required – something unique among self storage companies!

No, “Christmas doesn’t come from a store” but a handy place to store your Christmas stuff can be the ideal way to solve your seasonal storage problems and we can provide that in the most flexible, cost effective and trouble free way.