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The Economics of Self Storage for Business

Friday, January 24th, 2014

In business it all comes down to profit. To increase profit you must look at increasing sales and reducing costs. Self Storage can help on both fronts. Here’s how:

Increasing Sales
To increase sales you need extra stock and space to store it. You may have limited space in your current premises or you may be selling from a van, either way you need extra capacity. A Self Storage facility can be the ideal solution. Simply work out the cost of your self storage rental over a given period and the value of the increased sales figures and you will see the wisdom of this model.

Of course your choice of Self Storage facility will determine the degree to which this choice will benefit your business. It needs to be conveniently located in regard to your business premises or sales territory. This is key as you want to be able to meet demand as it arises and avoid costly gaps in availability and delays in supply. Often you will find that if you can increase the availability of key top selling lines you will disproportionately increase sales and profit, many studies demonstrate how this is so. When you are selling it is nice to be able to say “No problem, I will have five boxes over to you later this morning.” Or if you are retailing to be able to say “They’re going well, I need to nip across and stock up from the storage unit straight away.”

The beauty of Self Storage for your business is the added capacity and the steady supply of your product. This only works, or works best when your Self Storage is conveniently located and cost effective. So, if you are interested in more profit consider Self Storage options as an economical way of achieving your goal. And for centrally located, keenly priced Self storage with drive-in convenience consider Remedy Self Storage. Contact the team today.

For more on the second factor ‘Reducing Costs’ see our next blog coming soon.

Remedy Self Storage News

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

As more and more people looking for a convenient, centrally located storage facility with the bonus of drive in convenience realise Remedy is an excellent solution, we are becoming busier and busier. The number of domestic and commercial customers coming to us for a solution to their storage needs has steadily increased since we were established in ___ and this accelerated in 2013. It is pleasing to notice that many of these have come to us as a result of the good recommendation of other customers who shared their good experience of Remedy with them.

To keep up with demand we are expanding our capacity in the coming year. This expansion started early in the new year at our Dublin Central premises at East Road. On Monday the 13th January we took delivery of new 160 sq. ft and 40 sq. ft units. These will add capacity in these sizes in addition to the 80 sq. ft units available. The two larger units have sealed doors while the 40 sq. ft units have a shutter door design. The different sizes are ideal for the varying needs of our customers.

Remedy plan further exciting developments in the early months of 2014 and as these roll out we will keep you informed. Meanwhile for great self storage facilities, features and fares contact the team today.

Household Self Storage – Cost Considerations

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

If you are moving house, renovating or considering putting some of your possessions into self storage for some other reason, cost will be a big factor. The project you are planning is already a major expense, so you will be careful not to add to it unnecessarily. Here are some suggestions as to how to minimise cost.

The cost of storage depends on how much space you need, so the obvious conclusion is the less stuff you have the cheaper it will be. Therefore you need to reduce to a minimum the amount of possessions you are holding on to. This doesn’t mean you have to lose precious things, but rather it means you get rid of things you don’t need. In this regard it is a great opportunity to do what everyone yearns to do – freeing up space and remove clutter. So, ask yourself the question, How much of what I have is worth moving?

Take all your essential items and place them in a designated area. You will wrap and pack them carefully as discussed in earlier blogs dated 19th December, 7th January. You have now made a decision which will save you money. Next you must decide what you are going to do with the goods you don’t need.

Not alone will you save money by not having to transport and possibly store all this stuff but your means of disposing it may generate income. For instance you may decide to sell some or all of the goods. You could do so by means of a local market, advertising locally, online selling sites, or your own car boot sale or what’s referred to in the United States as a ‘Garage Sale’, where you set your stuff out in your garage or other available space and round up people to come and buy at knockdown prices. Remember, everyone loves a bargain, especially these days! You can also visit antique shops and second hand furniture stores who may buy goods from you. Of course you can also give goods to charity shops who are more than glad to take them.

You will also save money by shopping around for removal companies and self storage services. Make sure to ask lots of questions. For instance ask removal companies if prices include packing materials and if they are pricing for the job or per hour. When it comes to self storage providers make sure to check the space they are offering is sufficient for you because if you are moved to larger unit it will increase the cost, but this is not always made clear at the start. Also, ask regarding any freedom of movement to different size units which obviously vary in cost, but sometimes may incur penalties.

For the most cost effective and simply priced self storage with unique drive-in facility contact Remedy Self Storage today.

Precious Possessions – Keep Them Safe when in Storage or Transit

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

Your precious possessions are very important to you and you don’t want to lose them or have them damaged during a renovation or relocation. It is important to express your wishes very clearly to all who are packing and handling your things so they are aware and responsible. The following are some tips on packing that will help you.

Wrap each item individually. Provide plenty of cushioning material in each box. Pack each carton firmly but allow the lid to close easily. Pack small fragile items in small boxes and pack a number of these in a large box with some room for cushioning material to ensure safety. Keep similar items together so that something fragile is not packed with something heavy and potentially damaging. Irregular shaped items like hangers and curtain rails etc. can be taped together and wrapped in bundles. Utilise space by using empty drawers and large jars or pots to store small items keeping a record of their location. Wrap glass and delph carefully tucking the paper inside and placing them upright in the carton with plenty of padding. Clothes can be hung and wrapped in wardrobes, otherwise wrap them carefully and put them in bags and suitcases. Minimise the amount of food you take with you, storing necessary items in sealed containers. Make sure not to pack any perishables. Get advice on any medications you need to include and make sure to follow this advice closely.

Be mindful of items you will need sooner than others and pack accordingly so you don’t have to rummage through everything to get the few things you need later.

Mark the cartons with a description of the items, the quantity and box number. A good tip is to mark the box with the specific room identified, for example ‘Front Room’, ‘David’s Room, ‘Kitchen’, ‘Garage’, etc. Whoever is unloading your stuff can be instructed to put them in the relevant rooms which you can signpost to make it easy. The time it takes to do so will save you a lot of time and trouble later.

Many of the problems of moving or storing goods can be avoided with some common sense and good planning. So, wrap goods well, stack them and pad them carefully in cartons, label them clearly, communicate your demands and keep detailed records of the consignment. By doing so you will enjoy having your precious possessions with you when normality returns and that will give you a sense of comfort and continuity in a time of change.

For Self Storage options when moving or renovating contact Remedy Self Storage for central locations, drive-in accessibility and great rates and service. Contact the team today.