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Are You Up For Conversion?

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Self Storage Conversion
In Ireland the official standard for weights and measures is Metric but as we are a conservative race, in practice we still use the old Imperial scale. Thus when you are contemplating your Self Storage purchase you likely consider the size you require and the size of unit you are offered in terms of square feet rather than square meters. However, many do think in terms of the metric measurements especially the many people among us from the European mainland and many other parts of the world.

So considering 1 meter is equal to 3ft 3 3/8 inches, you can work it out from there. There are of course websites where you can key in your figure and it will convert it for you.

Remedy Self Storage, the choice for those looking for convenient, accessible, drive-in, centrally located storage provision have 3 different unit sizes to choose from:

20ft x 8ft = 160 square feet or 15 square meters
10ft x 8ft = 80 square feet or 7.5 square meters 5ft x 8ft = 40 square feet or 3.5 square meters

The square meter calculations are rounded up or down to make it a round figure – as you can see conversion is never easy whether it’s spiritual or mathematical!

For centrally located self storage with 24hr access and unique drive-in convenience, fully secure and insured contact the Remedy team today.

Remedy Self Storage – Our Neighbourhood

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014

Remedy Self Storage is located in East Wall, a well known part of Dublin city. The area is very clearly defined geographically as it is bounded on the north by East Wall road as it runs parallel to the Tolka river. It is bounded on the East by the East wall road as it turns towards the river Liffey which, along with the North Wall Quay, forms the southern boundary of the area. The Royal Canal and the Summerhill Road form it’s western limits. These very distinct features of nature and infrastructure serve to mark it out as a distinct and separate area of the city.

East Wall is a predominantly residential area, with a maze of small roads criss-crossing one another to the dismay of visitors and newly recruited postmen. As a distinct area it dates back to the 18th century when the North Wall was constructed as part of the port development of that time. The Royal Canal was constructed in the 19th century and subsequently the rest of the port infrastructure followed and defined the area geographically and socially. The area was traditionally a working class area with many finding work on the docks and in related businesses.

Currently the East Wall area is thriving, changing and developing. In recent decades the area has seen the development of major national projects such as the Irish Financial Services Centre (IFSC), the Port Tunnel, East Point Business Park, the National Conference Centre, the O2 Arena, and The Point Village. These and many other large businesses have located in the area with the consequent development of other businesses to service them such as hotels, apartment blocks and retail outlets. The local site which will eventually house the Central Bank is currently under construction and will be completed in the next two years or so, bringing many more people to the area and further raising it’s profile.

The area has also changed much as respects it’s population. The older houses in the small streets now share the area with a lot of modern apartments which have sprung up on the perimeter of the main housing area, especially along East Road and East Wall Road. The area has a population of 3,500 residents. As usual the services are slow to follow the people but gradually needed businesses and services are being established.

Remedy Self Storage is now an established part of the East Wall landscape. Our distinctive premises on East Road are very familiar to local people many of whom are our customers. Locals use our service either for their business needs or household storage. We are happy to be part of a lively, progressive neighbourhood with an appealing mix of old and new, business and residential, recreation and industry. We look forward to being part of what should be an exciting future in the area.

Self Storage Phenomenon

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Many may wonder when they think about the self storage phenomenon.
‘Phenomenon?’ – yes ‘phenomenon’. The growth in self storage use is ‘phenomenal’. One in ten people in the United States use one of that countries’ 50,000 self storage facilities and the market grew by 8% in the United Kingdom last year. The market is developing in Ireland also where the number of companies operating, the number of facilities and the number of users are growing.

So the question is ‘Are they mad?’

Like any other business or industry the reason for this growth is that it is in response to a need that people have. It is a need that wasn’t there before for a number of reasons. In a nutshell those reasons are that people are more mobile today – they are travelling more, taking long breaks from home, moving house more frequently, living in rented accommodation such as apartments etc. People are also consuming more goods and thus accumulating more ’stuff’ and their living space isn’t big enough to accommodate their needs in this respect. Also, businesses are faced with high rents and thus they will use the smallest space possible for their core business activity, giving rise for the need to find more affordable space for storing stock and equipment and office furniture etc. Another factor is that more and more people are self employed and need a place to store some of their stock and equipment etc.

These and other factors are giving rise to the need for temporary storage space – a need that is being met by the self storage industry. As the market develops and competition increases the consumer, the self storer, wins in having improved facilities and excellent rates to choose from.

So, we’re not mad – but you would be mad if you need self storage and don’t check out Remedy Self Storage today.

For centrally located self storage with 24hr access and unique drive-in convenience, fully secure and insured contact the Remedy team today.

Why Do People Use Self Storage?

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

Not surprisingly the answer is – When Moving Home. This accounts for 60% of the individuals using self storage. This is understandable when you consider that apart from the obvious reasons there are so many complicating factors when we move house causing delays etc. which necessitates availing of self storage and increases the amount of time it is required.

The next biggest reason for people needing self storage is big family events – marriage, divorce, death etc. These events have obvious effects and it is not easy to see how a need to find a place to temporarily store possessions would result. Some of these events are normal of course and happen to a normal frequency but others are part of social change and are happening more than before, hence the likelihood of people availing of self storage has increased in recent decades.

Home renovation is also a factor in self storage use and it is easy to see how, with storage rates ever more competitive people now view it as a practical option to ease the problems when re-decorating or putting on an extension etc.

Surprisingly, students also account for a sizeable chunk of the self storage market. They are more likely to move accommodation than most and of course are likely to have stuff that they want to hold on to during the long breaks between terms.

Anything that surprises you in the survey?
Any unusual reasons for using self storage that you would like to share?

The Economics of Self Storage for Business – PT 2

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014

Profit is the key factor in business and we have discussed how self storage is a worthy option when businesses are seeking to increase profit. The reason for this is because usually there is something hindering your efforts to increase profit and self storage can be an ideal solution. We have already discussed how the self storage option can help increase your sales, now let’s consider how it can reduce costs, the other key driver for increased profits.

Reducing Costs
You are striving to increase profits and in doing so you are considering ways to increase sales. As you do so you have to set the costs against any projected profit. Here is where the insertion of self storage in the cost sheet can change the result. For example you calculate the maximum increase you could get in sales of selected items and you calculate the extra cost in storage space, so you have to factor in such things as displacing some other stock lines, finding a place for stored equipment, renting a premises or extending existing premises etc., etc.. If you are buying from a wholesaler or selling direct you will also have to factor in the cost of the additional transport to and from your supplier and the time involved. Many other incidental things also have to be factored in such as having someone to take in the deliveries and deal with the increase in administration and paperwork generated by the increase in stock purchase and movement.

By renting a self storage unit you will address these problems in one move. You won’t have to displace stock, move equipment or extend or rent premises. You will have adequate space for your additional stock and it will be convenient to your premises or sales territory. Your transport costs will be hugely reduced while you go back and forth to the facility at ease instead of the costly, time-consuming alternative of trekking to a distant supplier. You will eliminate the labour and cost of multiple deliveries and the related admin by having a large supply that only needs occasional replenishing. Another cost which is hard to quantify and which is also eliminated by this solution is ‘out of stock’. When you have periods of unavailability of lines you are losing sales and your customers are losing faith – which is very costly!

So, even at a brief glance it is easy to see how Self Storage can be a driver of profit for small businesses. It can be a key way to increase sales while reducing costs – the two drivers of profit. So consider Self Storage options in you business planning. But not just any self storage:

For centrally located self storage with 24hr access and unique drive-in convenience, fully secure and insured contact the Remedy team today.