Are You Up For Conversion?

Self Storage Conversion
In Ireland the official standard for weights and measures is Metric but as we are a conservative race, in practice we still use the old Imperial scale. Thus when you are contemplating your Self Storage purchase you likely consider the size you require and the size of unit you are offered in terms of square feet rather than square meters. However, many do think in terms of the metric measurements especially the many people among us from the European mainland and many other parts of the world.

So considering 1 meter is equal to 3ft 3 3/8 inches, you can work it out from there. There are of course websites where you can key in your figure and it will convert it for you.

Remedy Self Storage, the choice for those looking for convenient, accessible, drive-in, centrally located storage provision have 3 different unit sizes to choose from:

20ft x 8ft = 160 square feet or 15 square meters
10ft x 8ft = 80 square feet or 7.5 square meters 5ft x 8ft = 40 square feet or 3.5 square meters

The square meter calculations are rounded up or down to make it a round figure – as you can see conversion is never easy whether it’s spiritual or mathematical!

For centrally located self storage with 24hr access and unique drive-in convenience, fully secure and insured contact the Remedy team today.

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