Spring Clean & Self Storage

O, wind, if winter comes, can spring be far behind? ~Percy Bysshe Shelley

Nowadays we can’t be so sure about the seasons, but Spring when it comes is a time of renewal and activity after the long Winter months. Especially in our part of the world the Winters are long and cold with the resultant lull in activities of all sorts which means that Spring is the opportunity to start doing things again. It is the time of year we get more active in a lot of areas whether it be work, home or recreational activities.

So, is it here? That is a good question. There are many different calculations for the beginning of Spring. Some measure it’s arrival by means of biological factors such as the blossoming of certain plants, the activities of animals or the smell of the soil indicating it has reached the temperature necessary for growth. Calendar dates are used by many to establish the duration of the seasons. In the United States 2nd February, Candelmas, is the traditional start of Spring. Of course in the United States they also have the famous ‘Groundhog Day’ on 2nd February when the groundhog’s actions is said to determine whether the Winter weather will continue for another six weeks or not. In Ireland, it starts on 1st February, St. Brigid’s day. Although, not surprisingly in Ireland we have the lovely paradox that meteorologists include the whole month of February as part of Winter.

Either way, the earth’s axis moves our hemisphere closer to the sun resulting in warmer weather. Thus, snow melts, rivers surge, frosts lessen, plants grow and bloom and animals are more active. And of course humans are not immune to the great change all around them, we stir from the winter lull and get more active. A popular tradition at this time of the year is the notion of a ‘Spring Clean’. By this we resolve to tidy, clean and clear out our homes, garages and workplaces and get things better organised. It is an idea that is translated into action far more than the other seasonal resolve, the ‘New Year’s Resolution’ – anyone remember this years? In response to the ‘Spring Clean’ call, many people actually do get busy cleaning, building , decorating, changing furniture, de-cluttering rooms and sheds, cutting grass, trees and shrubs and digging the garden etc.

You would think Self Storage would suffer in this atmosphere as people are ridding themselves of stuff rather than storing it. However, the increased activity means more business for builders and tradesmen, two groups who use self storage a lot. Also, as people change things around they often temporarily need space to store stuff until the work is complete and if they come across a not-to-be-repeated bargain for furniture or carpet etc they may well calculate that the saving of getting it at the reduced price is well worth it even while adding the additional cost of putting it in storage for a few weeks.

Storing with Remedy Self Storage is an attractive proposition all year round.

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