The Benefits of Using Self-Storage

Here are some of the reasons people opt to use self storage.

Minimise Clutter
Having a self storage unit can be a satisfying and economical way to manage your household space. For many reasons we may live in a house that is too small for comfort and the most practical way to adapt to the circumstances is to make it bigger by renting self storage space. For a very affordable cost we can ease the pressure on ourselves and live in and enjoy the space in our home rather than squeeze our way around it. Of course the best thing to do with a lot of stuff we store at home is to dispose of it, but some things just can’t be thrown out, we need them and want them and we have to find somewhere for them. Self storage allows us to keep our possessions in a secure, tidy unit and access them when necessary.

Added Security
Most self storage units provide more security than many houses. The security you have in these facilities goes way beyond what you would have at home. For example, virtually all premises have 24 hr CCTV security surveilance, multi-level security checks for visitors, securely locked units and of course staff on the premises during opening hours. And of course your goods are insured while on the premises which gives added peace of mind.

Future Blogs will highlight many other advantages of self storage.

Remedy Self Storage facilitates all the benefits mentioned above and we have all the security features mentioned and more.

For centrally located self storage with 24hr access and unique drive-in convenience, fully secure and insured contact the Remedy team today.

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