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Remedy Self Storage – The Big Race

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Last weekend the Giro d’Italia cycle race passed by our road in East Wall. It was a huge event – it’s not just any day that that a world sporting event happens in your area. This year’s race was made up of 200 of the world’s top riders and was beamed to 165 countries.

The Giro d’Italia, literally ‘The Tour of Italy’ along with the Tour de France and the Vuelta d’Espana make up the elite 3 week long international stage races on the world pro tour race calendar. This year Ireland was chosen with stages in Northern Ireland and the Republic. The 4th stage took in Dundalk, Drogheda, Malahide and Dublin. The Dublin section took in Baldoyle, Clontarf, Alfie Byrne Road and East Wall Road, around by the 02 arena down the quays across the Liffey at Talbot Memorial Bridge and the stage finished in Merrion Square.

History of the Race
The first Giro d’Italia was held in 1909 and at that time it was open to only Italian riders. The first time stages of the race were held outside of the Italian borders was in 1965 when it took in Monaco. Apart from the occasional foreign section in certain years the Italian route remains the same every year and includes at least two time trials and a passage through the Alps including the punishing Dolomites range. At the end of each stage the riders have their time recorded and their time is added to their previous times and the one with the lowest aggregate time is the leader at that stage and is given the race leader’s pink jersey. Apart from the GC (general classification) there are other contests within these big races. These include points classifications for the sprinters and the mountain climbs and of course the team classification.

The great Belgian rider Eddie Mercx holds the record for the most consecutive wins in the Giro. In addition to his wins in 1968 and 1970 he won three in a row from 1972 –1974. Ireland has had a winner, Stephen Roche who won the race in 1987, the same year he won the Tour de France.

Why Pink?
The race leader in the Giro wears the pink jersey. Why pink? The race was initially sponsored by the Italian newspaper La Gazetta dello Sport which was printed on pink paper, hence the leaders jersey at the behest of the sponsor was pink. Incidentally the reason the leader in the Tour de France wears yellow is the same – the sponsoring paper there was printed on yellow paper!

It was interesting to have such an event in our area and to see it featured on television. It generated great interest and excitement in the area and although the actual event for the spectators is quite a blur with the cyclists flashing past in a few minutes at 30kmh it was marvellous to see it.

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