Self Storage Phenomenon

February 17th, 2014

Many may wonder when they think about the self storage phenomenon.
‘Phenomenon?’ – yes ‘phenomenon’. The growth in self storage use is ‘phenomenal’. One in ten people in the United States use one of that countries’ 50,000 self storage facilities and the market grew by 8% in the United Kingdom last year. The market is developing in Ireland also where the number of companies operating, the number of facilities and the number of users are growing.

So the question is ‘Are they mad?’

Like any other business or industry the reason for this growth is that it is in response to a need that people have. It is a need that wasn’t there before for a number of reasons. In a nutshell those reasons are that people are more mobile today – they are travelling more, taking long breaks from home, moving house more frequently, living in rented accommodation such as apartments etc. People are also consuming more goods and thus accumulating more ’stuff’ and their living space isn’t big enough to accommodate their needs in this respect. Also, businesses are faced with high rents and thus they will use the smallest space possible for their core business activity, giving rise for the need to find more affordable space for storing stock and equipment and office furniture etc. Another factor is that more and more people are self employed and need a place to store some of their stock and equipment etc.

These and other factors are giving rise to the need for temporary storage space – a need that is being met by the self storage industry. As the market develops and competition increases the consumer, the self storer, wins in having improved facilities and excellent rates to choose from.

So, we’re not mad – but you would be mad if you need self storage and don’t check out Remedy Self Storage today.

For centrally located self storage with 24hr access and unique drive-in convenience, fully secure and insured contact the Remedy team today.

Why Do People Use Self Storage?

February 6th, 2014

Not surprisingly the answer is – When Moving Home. This accounts for 60% of the individuals using self storage. This is understandable when you consider that apart from the obvious reasons there are so many complicating factors when we move house causing delays etc. which necessitates availing of self storage and increases the amount of time it is required.

The next biggest reason for people needing self storage is big family events – marriage, divorce, death etc. These events have obvious effects and it is not easy to see how a need to find a place to temporarily store possessions would result. Some of these events are normal of course and happen to a normal frequency but others are part of social change and are happening more than before, hence the likelihood of people availing of self storage has increased in recent decades.

Home renovation is also a factor in self storage use and it is easy to see how, with storage rates ever more competitive people now view it as a practical option to ease the problems when re-decorating or putting on an extension etc.

Surprisingly, students also account for a sizeable chunk of the self storage market. They are more likely to move accommodation than most and of course are likely to have stuff that they want to hold on to during the long breaks between terms.

Anything that surprises you in the survey?
Any unusual reasons for using self storage that you would like to share?

The Economics of Self Storage for Business – PT 2

February 5th, 2014

Profit is the key factor in business and we have discussed how self storage is a worthy option when businesses are seeking to increase profit. The reason for this is because usually there is something hindering your efforts to increase profit and self storage can be an ideal solution. We have already discussed how the self storage option can help increase your sales, now let’s consider how it can reduce costs, the other key driver for increased profits.

Reducing Costs
You are striving to increase profits and in doing so you are considering ways to increase sales. As you do so you have to set the costs against any projected profit. Here is where the insertion of self storage in the cost sheet can change the result. For example you calculate the maximum increase you could get in sales of selected items and you calculate the extra cost in storage space, so you have to factor in such things as displacing some other stock lines, finding a place for stored equipment, renting a premises or extending existing premises etc., etc.. If you are buying from a wholesaler or selling direct you will also have to factor in the cost of the additional transport to and from your supplier and the time involved. Many other incidental things also have to be factored in such as having someone to take in the deliveries and deal with the increase in administration and paperwork generated by the increase in stock purchase and movement.

By renting a self storage unit you will address these problems in one move. You won’t have to displace stock, move equipment or extend or rent premises. You will have adequate space for your additional stock and it will be convenient to your premises or sales territory. Your transport costs will be hugely reduced while you go back and forth to the facility at ease instead of the costly, time-consuming alternative of trekking to a distant supplier. You will eliminate the labour and cost of multiple deliveries and the related admin by having a large supply that only needs occasional replenishing. Another cost which is hard to quantify and which is also eliminated by this solution is ‘out of stock’. When you have periods of unavailability of lines you are losing sales and your customers are losing faith – which is very costly!

So, even at a brief glance it is easy to see how Self Storage can be a driver of profit for small businesses. It can be a key way to increase sales while reducing costs – the two drivers of profit. So consider Self Storage options in you business planning. But not just any self storage:

For centrally located self storage with 24hr access and unique drive-in convenience, fully secure and insured contact the Remedy team today.

The Economics of Self Storage for Business

January 24th, 2014

In business it all comes down to profit. To increase profit you must look at increasing sales and reducing costs. Self Storage can help on both fronts. Here’s how:

Increasing Sales
To increase sales you need extra stock and space to store it. You may have limited space in your current premises or you may be selling from a van, either way you need extra capacity. A Self Storage facility can be the ideal solution. Simply work out the cost of your self storage rental over a given period and the value of the increased sales figures and you will see the wisdom of this model.

Of course your choice of Self Storage facility will determine the degree to which this choice will benefit your business. It needs to be conveniently located in regard to your business premises or sales territory. This is key as you want to be able to meet demand as it arises and avoid costly gaps in availability and delays in supply. Often you will find that if you can increase the availability of key top selling lines you will disproportionately increase sales and profit, many studies demonstrate how this is so. When you are selling it is nice to be able to say “No problem, I will have five boxes over to you later this morning.” Or if you are retailing to be able to say “They’re going well, I need to nip across and stock up from the storage unit straight away.”

The beauty of Self Storage for your business is the added capacity and the steady supply of your product. This only works, or works best when your Self Storage is conveniently located and cost effective. So, if you are interested in more profit consider Self Storage options as an economical way of achieving your goal. And for centrally located, keenly priced Self storage with drive-in convenience consider Remedy Self Storage. Contact the team today.

For more on the second factor ‘Reducing Costs’ see our next blog coming soon.

Remedy Self Storage News

January 16th, 2014

As more and more people looking for a convenient, centrally located storage facility with the bonus of drive in convenience realise Remedy is an excellent solution, we are becoming busier and busier. The number of domestic and commercial customers coming to us for a solution to their storage needs has steadily increased since we were established in ___ and this accelerated in 2013. It is pleasing to notice that many of these have come to us as a result of the good recommendation of other customers who shared their good experience of Remedy with them.

To keep up with demand we are expanding our capacity in the coming year. This expansion started early in the new year at our Dublin Central premises at East Road. On Monday the 13th January we took delivery of new 160 sq. ft and 40 sq. ft units. These will add capacity in these sizes in addition to the 80 sq. ft units available. The two larger units have sealed doors while the 40 sq. ft units have a shutter door design. The different sizes are ideal for the varying needs of our customers.

Remedy plan further exciting developments in the early months of 2014 and as these roll out we will keep you informed. Meanwhile for great self storage facilities, features and fares contact the team today.

Household Self Storage – Cost Considerations

January 8th, 2014

If you are moving house, renovating or considering putting some of your possessions into self storage for some other reason, cost will be a big factor. The project you are planning is already a major expense, so you will be careful not to add to it unnecessarily. Here are some suggestions as to how to minimise cost.

The cost of storage depends on how much space you need, so the obvious conclusion is the less stuff you have the cheaper it will be. Therefore you need to reduce to a minimum the amount of possessions you are holding on to. This doesn’t mean you have to lose precious things, but rather it means you get rid of things you don’t need. In this regard it is a great opportunity to do what everyone yearns to do – freeing up space and remove clutter. So, ask yourself the question, How much of what I have is worth moving?

Take all your essential items and place them in a designated area. You will wrap and pack them carefully as discussed in earlier blogs dated 19th December, 7th January. You have now made a decision which will save you money. Next you must decide what you are going to do with the goods you don’t need.

Not alone will you save money by not having to transport and possibly store all this stuff but your means of disposing it may generate income. For instance you may decide to sell some or all of the goods. You could do so by means of a local market, advertising locally, online selling sites, or your own car boot sale or what’s referred to in the United States as a ‘Garage Sale’, where you set your stuff out in your garage or other available space and round up people to come and buy at knockdown prices. Remember, everyone loves a bargain, especially these days! You can also visit antique shops and second hand furniture stores who may buy goods from you. Of course you can also give goods to charity shops who are more than glad to take them.

You will also save money by shopping around for removal companies and self storage services. Make sure to ask lots of questions. For instance ask removal companies if prices include packing materials and if they are pricing for the job or per hour. When it comes to self storage providers make sure to check the space they are offering is sufficient for you because if you are moved to larger unit it will increase the cost, but this is not always made clear at the start. Also, ask regarding any freedom of movement to different size units which obviously vary in cost, but sometimes may incur penalties.

For the most cost effective and simply priced self storage with unique drive-in facility contact Remedy Self Storage today.

Precious Possessions – Keep Them Safe when in Storage or Transit

January 7th, 2014

Your precious possessions are very important to you and you don’t want to lose them or have them damaged during a renovation or relocation. It is important to express your wishes very clearly to all who are packing and handling your things so they are aware and responsible. The following are some tips on packing that will help you.

Wrap each item individually. Provide plenty of cushioning material in each box. Pack each carton firmly but allow the lid to close easily. Pack small fragile items in small boxes and pack a number of these in a large box with some room for cushioning material to ensure safety. Keep similar items together so that something fragile is not packed with something heavy and potentially damaging. Irregular shaped items like hangers and curtain rails etc. can be taped together and wrapped in bundles. Utilise space by using empty drawers and large jars or pots to store small items keeping a record of their location. Wrap glass and delph carefully tucking the paper inside and placing them upright in the carton with plenty of padding. Clothes can be hung and wrapped in wardrobes, otherwise wrap them carefully and put them in bags and suitcases. Minimise the amount of food you take with you, storing necessary items in sealed containers. Make sure not to pack any perishables. Get advice on any medications you need to include and make sure to follow this advice closely.

Be mindful of items you will need sooner than others and pack accordingly so you don’t have to rummage through everything to get the few things you need later.

Mark the cartons with a description of the items, the quantity and box number. A good tip is to mark the box with the specific room identified, for example ‘Front Room’, ‘David’s Room, ‘Kitchen’, ‘Garage’, etc. Whoever is unloading your stuff can be instructed to put them in the relevant rooms which you can signpost to make it easy. The time it takes to do so will save you a lot of time and trouble later.

Many of the problems of moving or storing goods can be avoided with some common sense and good planning. So, wrap goods well, stack them and pad them carefully in cartons, label them clearly, communicate your demands and keep detailed records of the consignment. By doing so you will enjoy having your precious possessions with you when normality returns and that will give you a sense of comfort and continuity in a time of change.

For Self Storage options when moving or renovating contact Remedy Self Storage for central locations, drive-in accessibility and great rates and service. Contact the team today.

Moving Your Precious Possessions – Plan Well and Avoid Loss

December 19th, 2013

There is a lot to consider when moving house but at the heart of it all is your possessions.
When it is all done you want to be in your new place with your familiar things which will give you a sense of comfort and continuity. This is very important both on a practical and emotional level as you deal with one of life’s most challenging events. So, apart from all the logistics and planning you especially want to look after your furniture and possessions throughout the project.

Here are some practical suggestions:
If you are using a removal company check with them regarding how much help they will provide with packing and getting your stuff ready for transit. Normally they will provide packing materials, labels, checking guides and moving equipment such as hand trucks and trolleys. If you are doing your own packing and loading, bear in mind you will need to source these yourself. Most removal companies will quote you separately for the transport and the packing, so you have a choice whether to do your own packing. Of course if you are managing your own transport the whole project is in your own hands.

Allow yourself sufficient time to get all your stuff ready and plan it carefully. There will be some things you can pack immediately, others later and some things you will need up to the time of despatch so you will leave these until last. In the lead up collect boxes of various sizes and degrees of sturdiness so that they are ready when needed. Also, save up paper or other suitable material for wrapping items and for padding out the boxes to prevent movement and damage. Newspaper and plastic bubble wrap are commonly used for this purpose, but be careful not to use newspaper on any items on which it could become embedded. For some items white paper is best and newspaper can be used for outer wrapping on such items.

You will need parcel tape and a parcel tape dispenser will make things much easier when rolling and cutting the tape. You will also need markers of different colours and labels and tape. Make sure you have a clipboard and checklist and pens which will make keeping track of everything much easier. Set up a headquarters in some part of the house, a spare room or the garage etc. and work from there. You may be able to store the cartons there or at least get them packed and labelled there while storing them elsewhere, keeping a record of each carton, it’s contents and location.

Finally, make yourself aware of insurance issues regarding the handling and transportation of your goods. With good planning and consideration of what’s required your move should go well and you can reduce stress and problems.

Watch out for my next blog, it will include many useful tips on how to pack your goods and make sure everything is safe, easy to transport and easy to find when you are sorting everything out at the other end.

For Self Storage options with your move contact Remedy Self Storage for central locations, drive-in accessibility and great rates and service. Contact the team today.

Moving House – Good Planning Reduces Stress

December 10th, 2013

My blog on 27th November raised some questions that I said I would address later, well later has come.
Two of the questions related to reducing the stress of moving and how to plan your move. In considering these I found it impossible to separate them because reducing stress in such circumstances is inseparably linked with planning.

Planning involves things that are obvious but in the stress of moving they may be far from obvious. Good planning will involve considering the following questions:

When will I need to start preparing the items for moving?
How long will it take?
Will I hire a removals company?
Will I hire a van and driver or can organise a van or trailer myself?
Will I need to put goods in storage?
How much will it cost?
Who will work with me?
Have I prepared a tick list to help me plan and keep track?

Sitting down and discussing all such matters with the family or others involved will reduce stress and help the move to go smoothly. Delegating tasks to others will help share the load and get things done quicker. Young ones feel a sense of responsibility and involvement when they are entrusted with caring for some of the jobs that need to be done. The better your move is planned the more likely it is that everyone will co-operate and there will be less snags and arguments. I said “less” in a project this big don’t expect to eliminate the inevitable.

The third question in last month’s blog referred to budgeting and cost which I will address in a future instalment. Another matter which I will discuss in my next blog is packing as it is a very important part of keeping your goods organised and safe.

Meanwhile if you need to avail of self-storage for your move contact us for Dublin’s only city centre drive-in self storage service. No lifts or stairs, no delays, no cancellation fees and no extra expense. Contact the team now.

IFSC Office Space Economy

December 4th, 2013

Established over 25 years ago the IFSC in Dublin’s Docklands is now one of the world’s leading financial services centres. It occupies 15.8 hectares, has 184,000 sq m of office space and employs over 32,000 people. Companies operating there include half of the world’s top 50 banks and half of the top 20 insurance companies.

The cost of office space is at a premium in this area and is a significant factor for many of the companies operating in the centre. Though office rental costs have come down significantly since the highs of the Celtic Tiger era, the current cost cutting and squeeze on margins mean it is a figure that managers are keenly looking to reduce. Companies are looking for cost effective solutions on space whether it is their current offices or when dealing with internal changes or expansion.

A solution that is cost effective and hassle free is to rent storage space. This is the most flexible, efficient and quick way to deal with the challenge of finding extra space for extra staff or excess equipment and items during a change around.

Removing non essential seldom used but space greedy items and freeing up valuable space for staff and current needs makes practical and financial sense. Check the cost of your current space and then consider how much you will save with our storage rates as you free up valuable space by filling one of our units for a fraction of the cost.

You can rent a 7.5 sq m unit for €145.00 per month or a 15 sq m unit for €195.00 per month (both prices including VAT), this works out at €19.50 and €13.12 per sq m per month respectively. Bear in mind filling one of our units will free up multiples of the amount of space back at the office. And you don’t have to travel to access your files and equipment, Remedy Self Storage are located within 600m of the IFSC.

So if you have problems with space and want a cost effective, local solution contact us.